Thursday, October 22, 2009

The classless of '09

I see very little class in Hollywood/L.A. these days. The latest batch of "stars" are nothing but drugged up, feuding, dime-a-dozen waste products called "starlets", and graceless, wimpy little pretty boys who think tattoos and acting like assholes make them look tough. Their egos make me laugh. The singers can't sing without computers to put them back on pitch, and the ability to hold a note is apparently a lost art. And the acting? Bah. Where are the Cary Grants and Katherine Hepburns? The Paul Newmans and Meryl Streeps? The Aretha Franklins and Tony Bennetts? Instead we have Lindsay Lohans and Justin Timberlakes, John Mayers and Nelly Furtados. People who can't even go out to dinner without causing a scene, usually out of some self-awarded sense of deity. (Didn't anyone ever tell them not to piss off the person that's making their food? Have they never seen the kitchen scenes in"Caught on Tape"? Sushi isn't supposed to smell like ammonia, ya know.). People who think everyone on Earth needs to prostrate themselves before the greatness of their talent. People who no doubt embarrass their mothers every time they open their mouths. Take some of those ridiculous salaries, buy some class, do your jobs and stfu! While you still have jobs!

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