Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's hard to credit that people can be that greedy

Pay "czar" Feinberg (does the fact that every damn government adviser has to be a "czar" irritate everyone as much as it does me?) got to cut some incompetent bankers' and car makers' pay packages today, and I bet it felt really good. But "Recent news that Goldman Sachs Group Inc (sic) had set aside $16.8 billion for compensation, so soon after repaying $10 billion in taxpayer money, fueled concerns that Wall Street was already returning to the lavish pay practices that were commonplace before the financial crisis struck."

"Feinberg hinted the bailed-out firms did not seem to get the message adding that without exception, all of the pay plans that they submitted were inconsistent with the public interest."

I was in a Bank of America branch a couple of weeks ago, waiting for my boss to withdraw cash to pay me, and some manager leech actually walked out of her office, came over to me and said "People hanging around in sunglasses make us nervous. Are you with (my boss)?" I was pissed, so I answered "yes, but I have my passport if you'd like to see it." She proceeded to ask me what I did for him etc., with seemingly no idea what a rude idiot she was being. I was so taken aback that I couldn't think of anything to say, so I gave her minimal answers. This is the same bank which charges me $6 to cash my own paycheck, unless I start an account there. Highly friggin' unlikely. These people are incredibly oblivious to the image they project. They just don't get it, do they? If I had any assets in any of those companies, I would be yanking them out sooooo fast... It pisses me off to no end that my money goes to save these supercilious, smug, greedy bastards, just to watch them hand out bonuses and act like there was never any crisis, and that they earn every penny, even though without your and my help they'd all go under. "Too big to fail"? Bullshit. Let 'em go under.

R.I.P. Soupy Sales

One of the classy ones.

The classless of '09

I see very little class in Hollywood/L.A. these days. The latest batch of "stars" are nothing but drugged up, feuding, dime-a-dozen waste products called "starlets", and graceless, wimpy little pretty boys who think tattoos and acting like assholes make them look tough. Their egos make me laugh. The singers can't sing without computers to put them back on pitch, and the ability to hold a note is apparently a lost art. And the acting? Bah. Where are the Cary Grants and Katherine Hepburns? The Paul Newmans and Meryl Streeps? The Aretha Franklins and Tony Bennetts? Instead we have Lindsay Lohans and Justin Timberlakes, John Mayers and Nelly Furtados. People who can't even go out to dinner without causing a scene, usually out of some self-awarded sense of deity. (Didn't anyone ever tell them not to piss off the person that's making their food? Have they never seen the kitchen scenes in"Caught on Tape"? Sushi isn't supposed to smell like ammonia, ya know.). People who think everyone on Earth needs to prostrate themselves before the greatness of their talent. People who no doubt embarrass their mothers every time they open their mouths. Take some of those ridiculous salaries, buy some class, do your jobs and stfu! While you still have jobs!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WTF is wrong with Oklahoma?

Like someone else said, why don't they just tattoo a big red "A" on their foreheads? Would be more honest...

Two women are challenging an Oklahoma law that will require the state to create a Web site where any woman who has an abortion will have to provide intimate details about her choice -- including her relationships, financial situation and even her motivation for seeking the abortion.

A Michigan protester's murder sparks national fury over the abortion debate.

"A friend said it best: It's like undressing women in public, exposing their most personal issues on the Internet," said Lora Joyce Davis, one of the plaintiffs working with the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights to fight the law, which goes into effect Nov. 1. 

Called the Statistical Reporting of Abortions Act, the law requires all doctors to file information on a woman's age, marital status, education level, number of previous pregnancies, cost and type of abortion, as well as the mother's relationship to the father, with the Oklahoma Department of Health.

Though it does not ask for names, the form poses 37 questions detailing a woman's personal situation. Critics say the first eight questions alone could easily lead to the identification of a woman who lives in one of the state's many small communities. 

"This law asks for so much information, and they are going to put it on the Internet for public scorn," said Davis. "Women who have abortions are considered murderers by many people, and you are going to put the name of a town of 200 and the fact that the girl is 17 and it's her first pregnancy and she in the 10th grade. People are going to know who it is."

Many questions fish for more, critics say. "Was there an infant born alive as a result of the abortion?" and "Was the abortion performed within the use of any public institution?" 

Doctors who fail to provide information would face criminal sanctions and loss of their medical license. 

While the litigants object to the invasion of privacy, their lawsuit challenges the law on more technical grounds. It charges that House Bill 1595 covers more than one subject and therefore violates the state constitution.

The plaintiffs hope to delay implementation of the law and the planned March 1, 2010, launch of the Web site.

Last month, the organization used the same argument to successfully strike down a 2008 law that would have required women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound within an hour of the proceedings and require doctors to describe the picture to their patients in great detail -- down to the numbers of finger and toes.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Are there any well-run companies left in the world?

Doesn't seem to be many left. I'm not talking about just companies run by egotistic idiots that fail and take half of us with them, like banks or car manufacturers. I mean companies that are bearable to work for, for those of us who AREN'T unimaginative worker drones. Companies that promote on merit, not on yes-man skills. Companies that realize that their employees generate all their income and deserve to be compensated with a livable wage and benefits. Companies who value imagination and foresight in their managers, at whatever level, so that when plans are made, at least the most obvious flaws are seen and  dealt with before the plan is implemented. Companies that realize that cutting frontline staff is not always the best place, nor should it always be the first place, to start when cutting costs. Companies that actually pay attention to what their employees are doing all day, so that 4 out of every 8 man-hours are not spent texting boyfriends and forwarding 50 year-old jokes and inspirational little friendship chain letters. And people say Bush ruined the economy. What a joke. The economy sucks because companies suck. The economy sucks because CEOs suck at their jobs. The economy sucks because people aren't doing their jobs. Period.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

I call 'em female comb-overs.

Ya know those middle-aged women who wear their hair long and close to their eyes, to cover up laugh lines? Ain't foolin' anyone...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cowcharge's Law of Verbodynamics

As f(Bs) and f(Wtf) --> Nbl, and (Az+Hol) --> Oh, (U+Ly)+(.)(.)+(Ys/Wcn)=O/b

As the Coefficients of Oratory (Bs) and Gullibility (WTF) approach infinity (Nbl), subject to the behavioral modifier Character (Az/Hol) as it approaches zero (Oh), the  variables Integrity (U+Ly), Action (.)(.) and Hope (Ys/Wcn) all approach zero (O/b). *

*Link to Mathematical proof:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Congratulations Chicago!

You dodged a huge bullet of debt and embarrassment by avoiding having to host the Olympics. You know as well as I that you would get stuck paying for the inevitable cost overruns as Daley and Obama's buddies mismanaged things and lined their pockets with development money. Besides, wouldn't you rather turn on your TV to see Brazilian waxes than beer bellies with Bears logos on them?

Advertisers... aware, that I vow to NEVER buy anything from an advertiser who uses pop-ups. EVER.