Monday, October 19, 2009

Are there any well-run companies left in the world?

Doesn't seem to be many left. I'm not talking about just companies run by egotistic idiots that fail and take half of us with them, like banks or car manufacturers. I mean companies that are bearable to work for, for those of us who AREN'T unimaginative worker drones. Companies that promote on merit, not on yes-man skills. Companies that realize that their employees generate all their income and deserve to be compensated with a livable wage and benefits. Companies who value imagination and foresight in their managers, at whatever level, so that when plans are made, at least the most obvious flaws are seen and  dealt with before the plan is implemented. Companies that realize that cutting frontline staff is not always the best place, nor should it always be the first place, to start when cutting costs. Companies that actually pay attention to what their employees are doing all day, so that 4 out of every 8 man-hours are not spent texting boyfriends and forwarding 50 year-old jokes and inspirational little friendship chain letters. And people say Bush ruined the economy. What a joke. The economy sucks because companies suck. The economy sucks because CEOs suck at their jobs. The economy sucks because people aren't doing their jobs. Period.

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