Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Light of Morning

I remember sleep

Sinking into the mattress

And sighing with bliss

Drifting down

Just surrendering

Knowing you have hours

And no pressing reasons to get up

When the light of morning comes

I remember it fondly, sleep

Such rejuvenation

Such tranquility

Such optimism

I remember sleep

Why doesn’t it remember me?

Only its half-assed twin 

do I see

staring back at me

from the ceiling for hours

and nothing important to care about

When the light of morning comes

Please god let me sleep

Such drainage

Such instability

Such disintegration

I remember sleep

I doubt we'll meet again

Been gone too long to recover


staring at myself

in the mirror for hours

And one important thing left to do

When the light of morning comes

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