Friday, July 9, 2010



Six left, not bad.

Know I dreamed,

but not what it was.

One isn't enough.

Clouds gather.

Two and twenty.

Four-point-six-would be ok.

You in the same boat?

Should I call?

One isn't enough

No more blue.

Three plus eleven.

Less than four is better than one.

Rather dream,

even a nightmare.

One isn't enough.

Cold rain.

Four and a half.

Two and a half, please...

Tried everything,

nothing works.

One isn't enough.

Chaotic winds.

Five and thirty-eight.

One more if I'm lucky.

I check if you're on,

but you're luckier.

One isn't enough.

Lightning strikes.

Six and who-gives-a-fuck.

Too late now.

Resign myself.

Another one gone.

One isn't enough.

One isn't enough.

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