Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If only this would work with women...

'Lame' mosquitoes to stop dengue

Scientists are breeding a genetically altered strain of mosquito in an effort to curb the spread of dengue fever. The dengue virus is spread by the bite of infected female mosquitoes and there is no vaccine or treatment. Experts say the illness affects up to 100 million people a year and threatens over a third of the world's population. Scientists hope their genetically altered males will mate with females to create female offspring that will inherit a gene limiting wing growth.


So the male mosquitoes carry a gene that limits the size of the wings on their female offspring. Girl mosquitoes won't be able to fly. Stuck in their little stagnant ponds 'n swamps, barefoot n' pregnant. Unable to leave and infect the world with their evil...

Makes me wonder what all the bats will eat.

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